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"Hi, Don! Returned to terra firma Friday afternoon, 6 days, 23 hours after departing Ft. Myers. Had good times, and bad times! The last 3 days were, unfortunately, difficult! Fifteen foot breaking seas, and a bit uncomfortable! I can live without repeating that experience! The phone was fantastic! The battery lasted until the last day, about 25 miles out! So, it performed flawlessly, I'd say! I am very impressed and more than just a little happy! And so was the rest of the crew - and their wives! What a comfort being able to let all know that we were OK. The boat performed flawlessly, also! What a relief! I am shipping the unit back to you via overnight express today. Let me know what the cost is and I'll have a check off to you immediately.. The guys and I will split the expense, but I'll front the dollars and they'll owe me, so you'll get paid ASAP! A focus of the article I'll submit for the magazine will be communications. I am totally behind this technology! Until a sailor actually uses this device he just has no idea of the security and convenience. I'll get a copy of the article to you as soon as I get it written, for your review and corrections. (Give me a few weeks.) Thanks again for your help, and any way that I can endorse the product or help, you can absolutely count on me! I've included a photo I shot along the way which I think you'll enjoy! We saw more wildlife on this trip than possibly all other trips combined! One day we were visited by a pod of about 100 dolphins, who performed for us for nearly an hour! Got great video shots of them! The person in the reflection is me! Thanks, again! Let me know that you got the phone back safely. Regards, Dennis"

Dennis Fria
Mustang Island Yachts