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  GSP-1700 Satellite Phone SystemGSP-1700  
GSP-1700 GSP-1700 Globalstar Handheld Telephone.  Includes; Globalstar 1700, North American Wall charger, Battery, Electronic Security Module Card, Users Manual.Choise of Alaska, Florida, Texas, or Puerto Rico telephone number.  Phone come in colors of Red, Copper or Silver $499.00
GVC-1700 Globalstar Vehicle Charger, GVC-1700 $79.95
GIC-1700 Globalstar International Cord Kit, GSP-1700 $39.95
GAC-1700 Globalstar Auxiliary Charging Cradle, GSP-1700 $119.95
GPB-1700 Globalstar Phone Battery, GSP-1700 $119.95
GWC-1700 Globalstar Wall Charger, GSP-1700 $79.95
GDC-1700CD-US Globalstar Data CD Only -- or go to gusa.ocens.com $5.00
GDK-1700-US Globalstar Data Kit, US, GSP-1700, Cable and CD $39.95
GRC-1700 Globalstar Rugged Case,  GSP-1700             $49.95
GNC-1700 Globalstar Nylon Case, GSP-1700     $39.95
GNP-1700 Globalstar Nylon Pouch with logo, GSP-1700     $39.95
GIK-1700-MP Globalstar Installation Kit, Magnetic Patch antenna, GSP-1700     $599.00
GIK-1700-HX Globalstar Installation Kit, Helix Mini-stick antenna, GSP-1700     $599.00
GIK-1700-MR Globalstar Installation Kit, Maritime Ready antenna, GSP-1700     $649.00
GPH-1700 Globalstar Installation Kit Privacy Handset, GSP-1700 $29.99
GPDK-1700 Globalstar Portable Docking Kit for GSP-1700 $799.00
GIK-32-EXTEND 32.4 ft Extend cable for Active Antenna only $150.00
GIK-47-EXTEND 47.5 ft Extend cable for Active Antenna only $199.00
GIK-86-EXTEND 86 ft Extend cable cable for Active Antenna only $299.00
GHB-1700 Globalstar Headset theBoom, Noise-cancelling Headset $99.95
GIC-NA Spare North American cord only- for wall charger, GSP-1700 $19.95
GAT-17HX Spare Magnetics mount Helix antenna for the GIK-1700 $325.00
GAT-17MR Spare Marine Helix antenna for the GIK-1700 $350.00
GAT-17MP Spare antenna, active magnetic patch for the GIK-1700 $330.00
PC1150 Pelican Case Ultimate holds GSP, GWC, GVC and GPB-1700 $59.95
PC1060 Pelican Case Portable holds GSP, GVC and GPB-1700 $49.95
PC1040 Pelican Case Shuttle holds GSP and 2 GPB-1700's $39.95
GSP-1600 GSP-1600
Globalstar Handheld 1600 Phone NO LONGER AVAILABLE--accessories available while supplies last $299.00
  Extended Cables:
GCK-30-Extend Extend cables 30 foot- LMR 195 type- for Modified car kits only               $130.00
GCK-45-Extend Extend cables 45 foot- LMR 240 type- for Modified car kits only                         $170.00
GCK-80-Extend Extend cables 80 foot- LMR 400 type- for Modified car kits only                         $300.00
GPDK-1410 Portable Car Kit complete with Carry Bag and Privacy Handset $499.00
GCK-1410 In Vehicle car kit for GSP-1600 phone $249.00
GCK-0016 Privacy Head Set (requires Privacy Head Set Adapter) $19.99
GCK-0017 Privacy Head Set Adapter $39.99
GCK-1410M Mobile Kit Modified w/connector for extended cabling $299.00
ENCL-GCK-009a Marine/Extreme Enclosure for GCK-1410 antenna  $119.00
GSP-1210 Universal Travel Charger $119.99
GSP-1220 North American Wall Charger $49.99
GPB-2003 Hi Capacity Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery $119.99
CLA-1600 Auto Cigarette Lighter Adapter (US) $49.99
965-GS1600 Proective Leather Case $29.99
965-GSWH1600 Heavy Duty Leather Case $39.99
GDC-1100V3.2 Data Cable Kit for GSP-1600 Handheld Phone with 3.2 CD version $30.00
GDC-1200-CD3.2 Data CD ONLY v3.2 US  $0.00
USB-232ADPT USB to Serial Port Adapter for GSP-1600 Data Kit $59.99
GSP-2900 Fixed Satellite Phone System  
GSP-2900 Complete Fixed Phone(with battery, pwr supply, ac cord, pwr cable) Includes: Radio Antenna Unit, Junction box, Sighting tool,
Documentation package, Mounting kit, 50ft RAU cable, 12V power supply with backup battery, Telephone set. 
Choise of Alaska, Florida, or Texas phone number
GDC-2100V3.2 Data Cable Kit for GSP-2900 Fixed Phone v3.2 $149.00
GSP-2900-ST20 Fixed Remote Stick Antenna w/20 ft. cable   (14 day lead time) $999.00
GSP-2900-ST30 Fixed Remote Stick Antenna w/30 ft. cable   (14 day lead time) $999.00
GSP-2900-ST55 Fixed Remote Stick Antenna w/55 ft. cable   (14 day lead time) $999.00
GSP-2900-LP20 Fixed Remote Low Profile Antenna w/20 ft.cable   (14 day lead time) $1,299.00
GSP-2900-LP30 Fixed Remote Low Profile Antenna w/30 ft.cable   (14 day lead time) $1,299.00
GSP-2900-LP55 Fixed Remote Low Profile Antenna w/55 ft.cable   (14 day lead time) $1,299.00
GSP-2900-MST20 Fixed Remote Mini-Stick Antenna w/20 ft.cable   (14 day lead time) $1,199.00
GSP-2900-MST30 Fixed Remote Mini-Stick Antenna w/30 ft.cable   (14 day lead time) $1,199.00
  SAT-550 Satellite Phone   
GPB-550 Battery for Globalstar SAT-550 Phone  $119.99