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PSN provides services to many individuals and companies alike. This page will be used to list details of companies that have used PSN equipment and services.

Arctic Kingdom Logo 

Arctic Kingdom Marine Expeditions
Above & below encounters with Whales, Walrus, Seals & Bears

Ottawa ON Canada
Toll Free +1 (888) 321-3813
Direct Phone +1 (613) 297-1204


  Master Guide and Outfitter

A licensed Master Guide holding EXCLUSIVE AREAS: you never compete with other guides and outfitters when you hunt on Federally Permitted Lands.

Larry & Robin Rivers
Box 107-I
Talkeetna, Alaska 99676

Telephone 1-907-733-2473 Toll Free 1-800-393-2471 Fax 1-907-733-1070

e-mail address larry@larryrivers.com
WWW www.larryrivers.com

We have a combined Alaska outdoor experience of more than 70 years, and we will cheerfully put that experience to work for you when you join us on one of our guided Alaska hunting trips.

Ralph Miller and Jim Weidner, Registered Guides
Deltana Outfitters, Inc.
PO Box 1538-W Delta Junction, AK 99737-1538
Phone (907) 895-5006 ~ FAX (907) 895-5563
Toll free 1 (800) 601-5006

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Dennis Levique, Pelly Lake Outfitters LTD, www.comehunt.com

Bettles Lodge, P.O. Box 27, Bettles, Alaska 99726

Voice (USA) 800-770-5111
(International) 011-907-692-5111 Fax 907-692-5655


Each year, Outward Bound USA teaches 7,000 individuals how to navigate with a map and compass, read a river, use ropes and tie knots; along with other essential wilderness survival skills such as staying warm, dry and clean in the rugged outdoors.

Hurricane Island Outward Bound school, www.hurricaneisland.org

CarteNav Solutions Inc. develops unique products and services in the area of Remote Sensing and Communications in order to provide solutions to customer’s problems. Our products and services combine communications, positioning, imagery and other sensor data in new and novel ways.