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Iridium Information Page

Iridium Info Center

Current Post and Pre-Paid Service Pricing - PDF Format

Update the clock on your Iridium handset
Iridium G! Manual
Iridium G! Specifications
Iridium Extreme 9575 handset
Iridium Axcess Wifi Info and Manuals
bullet  Mail aSail Notice - If you are using the Iridium data service, you should consider using MailaSail. It will speed up your data connection. PSN is a MailaSail dealer.
bullet Iridium 9555 Handset flyer and 9555 User Manual (12mb)
bullet  Iridium Direct Data 3 Software (5mb)
bullet  Iridium Windows XP Direct Data 3 Installation Guide
bullet  Iridium Windows Vista Direct Data 3 Installation Guide
bullet  Iridium Windows 7 Direct Data 3 Installation Guide
bullet  Iridium Mac OS Direct Data 3 Installation Guide
bullet  Iridium 9555 Window Comm Driver
bullet  Direct Dial to Iridium - Have a direct dial US number assigned to your Iridium phone, no more high priced calls or two-staged dialing.
bullet Revised Access Capability for Internet Protocols Accessed via Direct Internet and PPP - this tech note describes all open and blocked IP ports on the Iridium Internet and PPP Dial up Data Services.
bullet Iridium 9505a End-of-Life Notice -Iridium LLC has announced that effective May 1, 2009 they will no longer manufacture the Iridium 9505A handset. While the phone will continue to be supported and parts will remain available, the remaining inventory presently on distributors shelves is all that will be available.
bullet  Troubleshooting your Iridium phone -Here are some steps to help troubleshoot your phone.
bullet  Dialing from your Iridium phone -Here are some steps to help you dial out on your Iridium phone..
bullet Quick Reference for Iridium Phones
Iridium 9500 Quick Reference
Iridium 9505 Quick Reference
Iridium 9555 Quick Reference
bullet Emergency 9-1-1 Service FAQ - Info on Iridium's 911 service that went in service as of Feb 11, 2005.
bullet 9522 Firmware Update SAC0309 - Minor Firmware Release for the 9522 L-Band Transceiver
bullet Iridium Motorola 9500/9505 Guide - a quick reference guide to operating your Iridium handset.
bullet Iridium SMS (short message service) detailed instructions for the 9505 -  exact step by step instructions on how to setup and use SMS.
bullet Iridium SMS (short message service) and SBD (short burst data) FAQ -  pricing and access information on these services.
bullet Satellite 911 It is not the same as your home phone
bullet Globalstar vs. Iridium - an independent quality of service comparison.
bullet Voice Mail Map - This is a good summary sheet for Iridium voice mail users..
bullet Iridium PPP- Setting up an Iridium modem on your own
bullet Iridium Handset Comparison - A side by side comparison of the specifications for the 9500 and the 9505 Iridium Satellite Telephones
bullet PPP With Iridium - Many people have problems with the installing or the operation of the Direct Data software on their computer (Mac, Linux). Here is a work-around that does install the Iridium telephone as a modem for PPP data (dial-up) service.
bullet Using Your Iridium Phone - a short guide to using your Iridium handset after it has been setup.
bullet Vista Data Work Around(old)- this may help you set up you Vista PC with Iridium Data
bullet Iridium Direct Internet Software Install Problem - If you get an error that refers to the SUReg key in the registry, you should have a look at this fix.
bullet Tech Support Page - We have compiled a great list of downloadable documents that will help you troubleshoot and operate your Iridium systems.
bullet Iridium "To Mobile from PSTN" calling card
bullet Iridium World Paging - A description of the 9501 pager service and operating instructions can be found here.
bullet 9522A Power Up Technical Advisory - Recently Iridium had identified that some 9522A LBT�s may not correctly power up after they have been disconnected from a power supply for an extended period of time. This download explains the workaround.
bullet Iridium 9501 Pager Operating Instructions - we have created a guide to help you operate your PSN Iridium 9501 pager. Download it here.
bullet Iridium Troubleshooting - If you are not getting the performance you expect out of your Iridium telephone, download or view our Iridium troubleshooting guide. 
bullet PocketMail with Iridium-Yes you can use a PocketMail unit with Iridium
bullet Can I Use An Old Kyocera Phone? - You certainly can, and there are some good deals out there on used Kyocera equipment. We have created an info note that tells you how to activate a Kyocera phone.
bullet Can I Find Out More? - If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact Don Rickerson at the phone numbers at ht e top and bottom of the page, or by e-mail at don at skyhelp.net

Iridium restricted/embargoed countries

The following countries either have sanction programs against satellite handheld telephones , or have coordinated with their nationalized telephone companies to restrict IRIDIUM termination connection. IRIDIUM coverage is therefore classified as "unavailable" or "unreliable" for those users residing in these countries or regions, and are subject to customs declaration and/or confiscation:

North Korea

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